The Broken Plate is a nationally distributed literary magazine produced by Ball State University undergraduates. The magazine features poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, screenwriting, one act plays, art and photography, book reviews, and interviews.

On a fateful day in 2004, the creators were huddled inside a local coffeehouse brainstorming ideas for the name of this new magazine. They wrote, crossed out, and crumpled sheets of paper in frustration, when there beside them, dropped from the arms of a passing waitress, a plate shattered and clickity-clacked against the fine masonry that lay beneath them. Metaphorical light bulbs appeared above the creators’ heads as they stared first at the remnants of the plate, then at each other with wide smiles. They quickly wrote down “The Broken Plate” on an unblemished sheet. Such is the legend of its genesis.

Since then, this magazine has evolved from a rag-tag group of volunteers to a yearly production created and overseen by the hardworking students of English 489, Practicum in Literary Editing and Publishing at Ball State University.


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