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Exploring Creativity

My Reasons for Writing: Connection, Security, and Escapism by Grace Beckham

TW: mentions of death and illness My grandma Sue told me stories of fairies, witches, sword-wielding maidens, mischievous pixies, and wise-cracking toads. Her husband Dennis built fairy houses for her. They were sprinkled throughout their flourishing garden, tangled in twisting tree branches, hoisted atop hand-painted toadstools. Their house was a mystical place filled with love …

Exploring Creativity

Reverberations by Joe Heemstra

On March 15th of 2005, Pixar’s The Incredibles released on DVD. I watched it ad nauseum—sometimes several times a day—and yet, it never failed to entertain. I’d propel my little three-year-old frame across the dingy floor of my parent’s first house with clumsy somersaults, clomp around on all fours and pretend I was the awesome …