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Overcoming Writer’s Block by Katie Smith

When it comes to writing, getting stuck is inevitable. Whether it is creative or formal. Fortunately, there are some tricks you can use and combine to get yourself out of that hole. These are just four of many.

Just Keep Writing

If you have yet to start writing, then just start putting down whatever comes to mind, even if it’s just one word over and over again. Then you try to connect the word to description or dialogue. While this may not produce a masterpiece, it can help you start formulating ideas and can be edited later.

This can also be used if you already have something written or a story in mind. Just try to keep in mind your goals and characters as you write. 

Make a List

The use of lists helps in many aspects in life. They can help condense and organize overwhelming amounts of ideas and information that may be keeping you stuck. Once you can clearly see each option or idea, you can then elaborate on the ones that resonate with you the most, and then compare each option to see which one will get you to your end goal best.

Revisit Your Source of Inspiration

If something inspired you to start writing then you may want to try revisiting it. If it’s a song, movie, book, news story, video game etc. This may ignite your creativity again and remind you of your goal. 

Take a Break

If you have been constantly writing when the block comes, then take a step back. Go on a walk, get some chores done, eat some food, etc. Just as long as it gives your mind some time to relax and refresh. This could be an hour or a few days. 

When you come back to it, read over what you had written. Sometimes you may see what caused your block. When I have done this I have noticed that I changed from past to present tense, or that I worded something weird and was thrown off. 

However, there isn’t always something obvious that caused the block, and you may not need to make any revisions before writing again.