The annual In Print Festival of First Books includes readings, discussions, and classroom visits with authors who have recently published their first books. The two-day event typically features three emerging authors and an editor or publisher.

The In Print Festival also marks the release of The Broken Plate, which features pieces by the guest authors as well as interviews with them conducted by The Broken Plate staff.

You can read “A Brief History of In Print” by Jill Christman, which was featured in our 2020 issue.


In Print 2021 will be held virtually this year. Join us on Tuesday, March 23 at 7:00 for readings by Joy Priest, Nancy Wayson Dinan, and Alysia Li Ying Sawchyn. On Wednesday, March 24 at 7:00 bring your questions to our publishing panel featuring these writers, in addition to Suzi F. Garcia from Noemi Press.

Free and open to the public. Click here to register.


In Print 2020 featured poet Jake Skeets, fiction writer Hadley Mooreand writer Noam Dorr. Check out the Spring 2020 issue of The Broken Plate to see excerpts from their work.

In Print 2019 featured poet Chen Chen, nonfiction writer Dustin Parsons, fiction writer Maria Romasco Moore, and author and editor Allison Joseph.

In Print 2018 featured poet Carolina Ebeid, nonfiction writer Jan Shoemaker, fiction writer Nick White, and editor Kristen Elias Rowley.

In Print 2018 Poster


In Print 2017 featured poet Iliana Rochafiction writer Sequoia Nagamatsu, nonfiction writer Daniel Raeburn, and author and editor Mary Biddinger.


In Print 2016 featured fiction writer Gabriel Urza, nonfiction writer Sarah Einstein, poet Sarah Blake, and editor Keith Tuma.


In Print 2015 consisted of author Celeste Ngeditor-in-chief Tyler Gobble, essayist Kerry Howley, and editor Jodee Stanley.


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