Staff of 2019-2020


Editor-in chief & Faculty Advisor

Sarah Domet is the editor-in-chief and faculty advisor of The Broken Plate. She is the author of two books: a novel, The Guineveres (Flatiron Books/Macmillan 2016), and an instructional craft book, 90 Days to Your Novel (Writers Digest Books/Penguin Random House 2010). Her short work and essays have recently been published in Lit Hub, The South Carolina Review, Burrow Press Review, and other places. You can find her on Twitter @sarahdomet.
Brandon Losier is a Senior Editor for The Broken Plate 2020. He is also a Creative Writer, and Scriptwriter. He is working on bigger projects, comic books and novels, that he plans on publishing when he is finished with his BA in Creative Writing. Email at: and Follow his work @brandonowrites.
Maggie Sutton is the Managing Editor for The Broken Plate 2020. She is a senior English major, Honors College member, and takes classes in preparation for medical school. She was an associate editor for NCHC’s UReCA, is an editor for the Honors College’s News and Notes, is a strategic communications fellow for the Honors College, and also does digital marketing work for Ball State’s History Department. You can find her on twitter @Maggpie3000.
Maya DeVine Galvez is the Assistant Managing editor for The Broken Plate 2020. She is a sophomore English major with a concentration in Creative Writing as well as Telecommunications. Much of her work is influenced on her foreign travels to the middle east and Europe. For as long as she can remember, Maya DeVine has used writing and art to express herself in a creative manor. She hopes to use her travels, background, and creative skills to leave an impact on people and spread cultural knowledge. You can follow her on twitter @mayadevine20.
Creative Non-Fiction Editors
Briana Rooke is a Creative Nonfiction Editor for The Broken Plate 2020. Currently, she is a senior at Ball State University majoring in English Studies and minoring in Film/Screenwriting and Theatre. She also serves as part of the editorial team for Hope for Women magazine, and you can find her on Twitter @BrianaRooke.
Emily Turner is a Creative Nonfiction Editor for The Broken Plate 2020, and she is an English studies major with creative and professional writing minors. From a young age, Emily has used reading and writing to express herself, and with editing and revision she hopes to inspire others to voice personal truths through their writing.
Fiction Editors
Gina Klaff is a Fiction Editor for The Broken Plate 2020 and is a senior at Ball State University. She is majoring in Creative Writing and minoring in Professional Writing. In her free time, she enjoys eating tacos and drawing. You can follow her on Twitter @g_klaff4.
Hillary Scott is a Fiction Editor for The Broken Plate 2020. She is a senior at Ball State University with a double-major in Political Science and Pre-Law and a minor in Creative Writing.
Poetry Editors
Jacob Garrett is a Poetry Editor for The Broken Plate 2020. He is a senior history and literature major with minors in creative writing and political science at Ball State University. He is one of the lead editors of the Odyssey at Ball State, and was a lead editor for the 2019 edition of the Digital Literature Review. He has also been published in the latter two journals.
Taliyah Jarrett is a Poetry Editor for The Broken Plate 2020. She is currently a senior at Ball State University and studies Creative Writing and Screenwriting.
Design Team
Jessica Harrison is a design editor for The Broken Plate 2020. Jessica is a junior Creative Writing Major at Ball State University with minors in Art History and Professional Writing and Emerging Media.
Hannah Cummings is a design editor for The Broken Plate 2020. Hannah is a senior English major with a minor in creative writing and professional writing.

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