The Broken Plate Recommends

Song of Solomon by Sonia Hart

The Broken Plate is a literary magazine that looks into the fragility of human lives and how, over time, people grow and pick these pieces up to become stronger than before. This idea of slowly growing and developing over time is a common theme in many novels, and Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison is not exempt from that.

Song of Solomon is a story about Milkman and his journey through life, filled with strife and hardships. Milkman was ridiculed and put under the spotlight from a young age due to his family’s influence within the small black community. His father placed an intense mental strain on him to become an individual who strived for greatness that Milkman didn’t even desire. At the same time, Milkman’s friends and community continuously ridicule him because of that influence and his egotistical nature. However, towards the end of the novel, Milkman manages to go on a journey that changes his view on life, love, and happiness to become someone who values things he never did before.

This novel doesn’t just touch on Milkman’s journey towards finding the pieces that make him whole but also utilizes the ideas of race, masculinity, and femininity and the power that names have on individuals to create a complex story. Milkman’s journey through life and his desire for freedom mirror what The Broken Plate strives to accomplish. Like Milkman, the journey that individuals go through to get to the point they are now can help create an environment and a stronger and more united community than ever before.